Liberty Local Miners Ltd Group is in possesion of 4 Mines with a total of 250 Hectares of Land respectively.

We have upto 150 Miners Working in this various Mines Listed in the Republic of Cameroon. We have mines located in Nkambe Northwest region, Bertoua East Region, Maroua Far North Regions, Mundemba South West Region all governed by 8 Directors.

We also offer employment to both Cameroonians and foreigners to expand our scope within the country and beyond.

With the 300 hectares of land we have for exploitation already, we still look for new areas with mineral deposits for exploitation within the country and Africa. With the 300 new mineral mines discover in Cameroon by the government recently,we shall have new areas of exploitation as we work in partnership with the government to regulate the exploitation and sales of precious metals in Cameroon under new prime minister and head of government.

We also try as much as possible to use machineries to increase productivity and quality  to reduce manual labour as well as operating in an environment which will not be  harmful to habitats in the surrounding area of exploitation or the entire region. Meaning you can trade with us at all levels i.e from the mines, safekeeping or refinery due to qualiy products we provide at all levels by using advanced machineries for exploitation process of precious metals at our mines

We supply all kinds of Rough Uncut Diamonds and colors from various mines we own across the country and Africa. We do spot deliveries in Africa,Asia,Europe and North America where we have agents working with us on Monthly bases.